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PURA History

The PURA brand was established in 1935 when German farmer Albert Siebel purchased a dairy in Preston, Victoria and named it PURA Dairy.

From a one-cart dairy delivering to only a few streets, PURA grew to become the best known milk brand in Victoria. By 1964, the PURA Dairy was supplying 32% of Melbourne's milk.

In 1991, PURA Dairy combined with other food related brands to form National Foods Limited.

Since 1991 the PURA brand has grown with the launch of the following brands:

PURA Skimmer was launched as Farmers Union Skimmer; PURA's skim milk brand
PURA HiLo was launched as Masters HiLo, a high calcium & protein milk
PURA Light Start; PURA’s light milk brand
PURA Cafe was launched as 'Lots O Froth' in SA, becoming PURA Cafe in 2001
PURA Tone was launched; PURA's fat free milk
PURA Gold was launched in NSW
PURA Boost was launched in WA
PURA HeartActive™  was launched
PURA Kids was launched; PURA's kids milk brand
PURA New was launched; PURA's low fat milk

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